Real-Time Retail Metrics

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Monitor inventory and product sales through key metrics. Empower your management team to focus on increasing ROI through the adoption of modern techniques with personalized personalization of data.

Retail Store POS

Dashboard solutions for the retail industry are essential for decision makers to analyze the metrics related to revenue and inventory. Consequently, data analysis allows them to take firm decisions in-spite of demand and supply fluctuations. Such, fluctuations may be due to weather, geographic locations, social media hypes and more.

Store managers use KPIs like average basket size, average unit in retail, sales per sq. ft. and average basket value. In addition, they also track net sales, and profit margin details by product category and by store. Similarly, inventory managers track KPIs like inventory turnover ratio, gross margin ROI apart from purchase orders, and stock availability of each item. Above all, Bold BI’s retail dashboards allows you to access all such retail KPIs in one place.

Drilled-down store-wise revenue analysis lets decision makers decide on future investments and store improvisation plans. Net sales and gross profit by product category allows to decide which category provides higher profit despite less sales volume.

Meanwhile, retail managers ensure that necessary products are available in all stores. This is to avoid situations like out-of-stock for customers or overstock for managers. In short, monitoring top-selling items and ensuring their availability helps inventory managers give assurance for orders placed by store managers requesting those items.

In short, we want to learn more about how we can help your retail store to grow and reach great heights.

We have designed most critical dashboards and any specific additions can be made available as per your needs.

Rich Visualization

35+ widgets provide a rich visualization experience. Bar charts, column charts, pie charts, heat maps, maps, grids, pivot grids, cards, gauges, and more.
Each widget comes with a powerful set of configuration settings that allow you to achieve your exact requirements without having to write a lot of code. 

Powerful Designer

For Licensed subscribers there is access to an integrated drag-and-drop designer. The WYSIWYG design-time experience is pixel-perfect. Power users can directly create, persist, and share metrics as dashboards. 
While you can limit designer access to a set of users.

Data Source Connections

120+ connectors for a variety of data sources including common file formats such as Microsoft Excel, relational databases, NoSQL databases, cloud data stores, and REST API sources.

Linked Dashboards

Link one dashboard to another within your application. Complete context can be shared, making it possible to implement complex drill-down scenarios that make the most sense for your application.

Scheduled Updates

Create customized schedules to share dashboards with stakeholders in a variety of formats. Updates can be customized to suit individual preferences and can be triggered at different intervals. They can also run several times or for a set period.

Responsive layout

The user interface automatically adapts to different orientations and display sizes. This allows for seamless display of embedded application screens on desktops, mobile devices, and tablets. The UI can be displayed on any device.

Mobile app

Download from your favorite app store (Google Play or iOS apps store) moreover the mobile application that can be customized to your needs by our services team.

Collaborations made easy

Easily collaborate with other stakeholders. Business analysts can also watch a specific discussion to stay up to date for better decision-making. Add comments, respond to comments, and more from within the analytics system itself.