Reporting for retail

Drag & Drop customizations

Save report layouts and share with teammates


Enterprise Retail Reporting

Over 300+ Extensive and customizable Report Layouts 

Need it customized? easily drag & drop fields to the layout and name it your own and share with colleagues globally throughout the system.

  • Customized Layouts

    Easily edit any report, save and recall. Visible across the entire company

  • Pivot Grids

    use the powerful pivot grids to easily drop similar data and dig deeper into the numbers

  • Filters

    Using Filters easily build complex layouts to view the underlying data like dates, top sellers and other meaningful retail metrics.

  • Top X Bottom X

    Quickly and easily view top producers by items, departments, categories, sub categories, styles and many more definitions. you can also do the reverse and see bottom sellers. The sky is the limit and no technical experience is required.

  • Default Layouts

    Choose from hundreds of ready-made layouts ready to be used immediately. dont see information, easily drag and drop fields to your layout and save it with a new layout name and use it later when you come back to it.

  • Exports

    Any report/layout you need can be exported to excel, pdf, etc. with a few keystrokes.



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