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Omnichannel Retail management

Retail Store Ecommerce
Integrates with top ecommerce Shopping Carts & Market places

Realtime POS + eCommerce Integration A Robust Solution to Augment your Omnichannel Retail Strategy

Eliminate Overselling, Stock Mismatch, and Duplicate Customers because of seamless eCommerce integration between in-store Realtime POS and one or multiple online sales channels. The two-way integration and automation eliminates the need of manual data entry which saves time, and minimizes labor costs. Orders placed online are automatically recorded in Realtime POS, thus eliminating repetitive order entry, customer entry, and other data entry errors.  eCommerce integration ensures stock levels remain updated across all online and offline sales channels.

All these retail models aid your omnichannel strategy while bridging the gap between online and offline retailing. Shoppers are continuously choosing these methods for a convenient shopping experience which also saves time and money for them. On the other hand, you as a merchant increase the chances of selling more items to shoppers when they walk-in to your store to collect their orders.

Sell on Multiple eCommerce Platforms

Using Octopus Bridge, expand beyond the boundaries of your physical stores. By integrating your brick-and-mortar store to eCommerce website and stores on Amazon, Walmart, etc., you’re able to sell your in-store products online while making sure stocks and prices stay in sync. Octopus, the middleware, allows you to manage in-sore inventory and eCommerce platforms simultaneously.

Multistore Integration

With the help of Octopus Bridge, you can connect your Realtime POS powered brick-&-mortar stores chain with eCommerce website. Using our integrated solution, you can seamlessly adopt various retail models, such as:

BOPIS: Buy Online, Pickup In-store
BOPAC: Buy Online, Pickup at Curbside
BORIS: Buy Online, Return In-Store
ROPIS: Reserve Online, Pickup In-store

Sell your Inventory

easily control what items are sold on ecommerce

Item maintenance

Easily sync’s All products, prices and quantities to your website and Ecommerce channels.

Order Management

Web orders can be sent to any designated or predetermined location for fulfilment - Stores (POS), Warehouses, fulfilment centers & extended supply chains.


Add merchandise, update a price or item description and your website/ channels will be updated instantly.

Real-time Sync

On line quantities and prices are always up-to-date in Real Time.


Customers and orders are added into the pos system. One place for all the data.


Less administration with a seamless integration with Realtime POS, all changes are performed in one place our web order module.

One Single all-in-one solution

Connects your Retail System to all the top ecommerce shopping carts and market places seamlessly in real-time

Ecommerce Inventory Simplified

One central Location

Maintain all product information centrally

Stores, Warehouses, fulfillment centers & extended supply chains.



Shop Online

Pickup at Store

Return at Store

On-line shoppers can place an order on the website, choose their location for pickup.

The order shows up in the POS. The order can be marked as picked when delivered/picked by  customer.

Expand Online

Manage Multiple Selling Channels

Easily add additional selling channels – Seamless integration means less administration.

On line quantities and prices are always up-to-date regardless of number of channels.

One Central Location

online and in-store sales

One place for all of your data - from online sales and in-store sales channels so you can see the big picture without all the headaches

All online orders

one place to see them all

All your online order details from all sales channels are in one place, which takes the hassle out of monitoring and managing online sales transactions from multiple sites

Data is always up-to-date

One central Location

with every sale -- online and in-store-- your inventory counts are updates in real time. Automatically as often as every 5 minutes . Across all channels


Web Orders

Process Web Orders Quickly

Seamless integration with Realtime POS means less administration.
Choose the best location for fulfilment.

Realtime POS

Web Orders


    There is no need to maintain product information in multiple places. Realtime POS sync’s All products, prices and quantities to your website in real-time. Add merchandise, update a price or item description in web order module, and your website will be updated instantly.


    Selectively choose your store’s Inventory to update Ecommerce total available quantity. On line quantities and prices are always up-to-date in Real Time, and on line orders show up in Real Time in Web Orders System.


    Orders show up in Web Orders for fulfillment. Assign to individual location or auto assign to one fulfillment center. On line quantities and prices are always up-to-date in Real Time, and on line orders show up in Real Time in Web Orders System.

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