Integrated Payment Processing

Out of Scope - PCI Compliance

EMV - NFC Processing

EMV Credit Card Processing

Beyond PCI Complaince - out of scope - no card data stored

Pinpads work with Google Play, Apple Pay, and any NFC-enabled cards.


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Integrated Payments

We take payment security seriously, which is why we use out of scope PCI compliance payments components to protect you the retailer and us.

Pinpads work with Google Play, Apple Pay, and any NFC-enabled cards.

For each payment type, you can specify whether to open the cash drawer, allow change.

At the point of sale, you can accept any number of payment types on a single sale, including multiple payments of the same type, allowing you to offer your customers unlimited payment options.

  • Support for gift cards and stored value cards (SVCs) are included, providing two distinct options you can offer your customers.
  • You can sell gift cards in fixed or variable denominations. Gift cards can be fully or partially redeemed at the point of sale, and fully-redeemed gift cards can be reissued and reused.
  • SVCs, which are issued and tracked by a third party, can be recharged or reloaded.


The Advantage Program makes it easy for you to offset your operational costs and improve your bottom line. Customers will be shown both a non-cash and cash price at checkout. The percentage set in your RealTime POS will be automatically applied to determine the customers non-cash price. Our solution is fully compliant with card brand regulations and you can always switch back to a traditional processing program at any time.

In Summary:

Dual Pricing Option: With Dual Pricing, you can offer a simple cash vs. non-cash total on the receipts presented to customers and on the customer-facing displays if you are using one. On the Payments screen, the cash price will automatically be applied when cash or gift cards are chosen and non-cash total when a credit card is swiped/inserted into the payments device.