Serialized Inventory

Serial Number Tracking

pos serial number

POS Serial Numbers – Add serial numbers during receiving, sell items and record serial numbers, transfer items with serial numbers to other locations, lookup customer sales history using serial number, complete history auditing using serial number (receiving, sales, transfers, returns)

Serial number tracking is a tremendously valuable feature that can be integrated within a point-of-sale (POS) system.

The benefits of serial number tracking are numerous and extensive. For instance, by keeping tabs on serial numbers, retailers can effectively and efficiently manage their inventory.

This enables retailers to quickly identify any defective or damaged products, which in turn helps to reduce expenses while increasing customer satisfaction.

In addition, serial number tracking enables businesses to track key details pertaining to specific products, such as when and by whom they were purchased. This type of information can be extremely helpful when it comes to managing product recalls or warranty claims.

Aside from these advantages, serial number tracking can also be effectively used to prevent theft and fraudulent activity. This is possible because serial numbers allow businesses to easily keep track of the movement of individual products throughout the supply chain, right up to the point of sale. Overall, implementing serial number tracking within a POS system can greatly enhance a business' ability to manage its inventory, improve customer satisfaction, and increase profitability.


record serial numbers on receiving

Note down the serial numbers of items received on shipment to keep an accurate record of your inventory. Use scanning technology or manual entry to register serial numbers. This will help reconcile your inventory in the future and avoid issues from discrepancies in records.

scan barcodes when fulfilling orders

Using a barcode scanner is crucial for accurate data input in supply chain management and inventory control. It simplifies recording information, saves time, reduces human errors and ultimately improves business efficiency. It is particularly helpful when scanning serial numbers. Accurately recording the serial number of a product can ensure it is in the right place at the right time. This can improve business processes and increase productivity.

accurately manage inventory on high valued items

When managing high-priced inventory, it is essential to keep track of their serial numbers. Keeping track of this information can help you tremendously in managing your inventory more efficiently. In particular, it allows you to diligently monitor the number of products you still have in stock and accurately reconcile them against sales, returns, and store transfers. Additionally, maintaining a record of serial numbers during the point of sale, sales orders, and returns can help you verify and keep track of product movement, which in turn can lead to a smoother inventory process, better forecasting of future sales and inventory levels and therefore a healthier business. Therefore, it is crucial to implement a system that enables the tracking of serial numbers, so that you can always have access to reliable data on your product movements, even as your business expands and inventory grows.

warranty requests

When you take the time to search for a serial number associated with a product, you are taking important steps towards verifying that the item in question was indeed purchased from your store. Furthermore, by closely examining the serial number, you can also confirm if the purchased item is still covered under the manufacturer's warranty or not. In other words, checking the serial number can help ensure that the customer receives the necessary support and assistance in the event that they need to make a warranty claim or seek any type of assistance related to the product. It is therefore highly recommended that you make it a standard practice to search for the serial number whenever a customer needs assistance with a product purchased from your store. Doing so will help build trust and loyalty with your customers, while also providing them with the best possible service.