Realtime POS and QuickBooks Online Integration

Realtime pos Accounts Receivable and QuickBooks Online integration

QuickBooks Online Integration

Automatic Sync between Realtime POS and QuickBooks online

No manual exports & imports of files

  • Store Sales Summary

    Once a day at the end of the day each stores sales summaries are sent to QuickBooks on-line as journal entries along with cost of goods sold, taxes and discounts so you have a accurate daily sales ledger for each store in QuickBooks online.

  • Auditing & Reporting

    Internal reports in Realtime POS will list out all sent batches and any errors will be logged in the error report.

  • Receiving

    Purchase order receiving are sent to QuickBooks online as a payable entry in the supplier ledger. Even on partial receiving. Keeps the vendor payables ledger accurate based on what was received from the original purchase order.

  • Runs as a Service

    Runs as a service on the server regardless of computers running or not. No Exports and Imports, once setup will sync automatically.

  • Accounts Receivable Charges

    Setup the customer as AR approved, set their limit and customer can charge at the POS and charges are sent to QuickBooks online in the customer ledger.

  • Accounts Receivable Payments

    Find the customer record and apply a payment towards their account in POS. Payments are sent to QuickBooks online on customer ledger.

  • Auto Sync to Quick Books online

    AR charges and AR payments are synched once every 5 minutes from Realtime POS into QuickBooks online.