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HEAD OFFICE | Control Everything in Real Time from one central Location

Realtime Retail management

Real-time POS Head Office Provides Centralized Management, Real-time Data, Improved Inventory Management, Increased Efficiency, and Better Customer Service for Retail Stores

The head office can have a comprehensive view of all the retail stores, allowing for easy and efficient management of inventory, sales, and customer data.

Real-time data from all the retail stores can be collected and analyzed at the head office, providing valuable insights into sales trends, customer behavior, and inventory management.

With real-time data, the head office can better manage inventory levels across all the stores, ensuring that popular items are always in stock and reducing the risk of overstocking.

By having a central point of control, retail stores can reduce the time and effort required to manage day-to-day operations, increasing efficiency and allowing employees to focus on customer service.

By having access to real-time data, the head office can ensure that all the stores are offering the best possible customer service, which can lead to increased customer satisfaction and repeat business.

With a central system, the head office can manage retail stores more efficiently, reducing costs associated with managing multiple systems and ensuring that all the stores are operating within the same guidelines.

With a central system, the head office can easily access sales, inventory, and customer data from all the stores, allowing for streamlined reporting and analysis of key performance indicators.

A central system allows for better security and data management, preventing data breaches and ensuring that sensitive information is protected.

The head office can easily make changes to the system to suit the needs of different stores, ensuring that all stores are operating under the same guidelines.

A central system allows for easy scalability as the company expands, making it easier to add new stores and manage the increased data volume.




Define global company settings – employees, return policies, field definitions & labels, document print designs, receipt trailers and many more settings.


Define each locations Tax group, speed menu, tenders accepted, receipt trailers and other location preferences from one central location in real time.


Security groups, security settings, employees, employee store assignments, access security cards all managed centrally in one location


Realtime Retail Inventory Management

Track all types of products - by style, size, color (Matrix) and other parameters


Item numbers and barcodes can be entered manually, scanned, imported, or generated automatically. Styles, Sizes, Colors and other attributes


Enterprise purchasing made easy – Manually created, auto purchase orders, drop ship orders


Easily search your entire catalog by sku, style ,size, brand and many other parameters


A variety of information for each item can be recorded, including Department, Category, Subcategory, Brands


Receive products into Store or warehouse. Receive with or without purchase orders.


Accurately return defective items back to suppliers for credit or consolidations.


Auto notifications for transfer orders and web orders. Create notifications targeting individual, station or store


Track Inventory item quantities and transactions across multiple stocking locations.


Transfer stock among locations, quickly check inventory on hand. View in transit quantities, create multi destination transfers.


Easily locate products from shelves, rows, bins and many other location attributes.

Serial Numbers

Record Serial Numbers at the Point of Sale, reverse lookup sales documents based on serial numbers, receive items with serial numbers and record each serial number during receiving.


Product Item Maintenance

Control product charecterictics from one central system


Add catalogue items for the company to sell, receive products from purchase orders and sell in your stores. One central view of all company carried products.


Manage all quantities for all locations from one central system. On order, sold, on hand, in transit, incoming and outgoing transfers all in one place and visible in real-time as you operate


Unlimited number of barcodes assigned automatically or entered manually.


Core, seasonal and many other attributes can be used to be filter for sales and purchase orders. Helps with organizing product mixes.


Easily handle apparel and similar items with multiple characteristics. Three attributes available - size, color & attribute 2


Review & edit physical inventory counts from all stores and warehouses from one central location


Bundle products together from your products catalog and sell at pos. Bundles have their own pricing and scanned items are checked against the bundle components

Promotions | Campaigns | Marketing

Manage complex promotions targeting one location or entine chain of stores.


Manage all your promotions centrally & push campaigns to individual stores or globally to all stores

Mix and Match Offers - BOGO

Create Buy one get one free, 50% off or any other mix of qualifiers. 2 for 1 or free gift when purchasing specific items.


Create multiple campaigns, assign campaigns to individual locations or globally to all stores or based on schedules


Define your list and send targeted email campaigns (Mail Chimp & Constant Contact), precisely collect customer address information using Google places Api within the pos as you are creating customer records.

Reporting | Business Intelligence | Dashboards

End-user customized reporting on the fly - no need to get programmers involved


250 standard reports, each customizable using filters, date ranges and other selections. Export any report to any format (Excel, csv and PDF)


Easily create your own views in minutes, customize factory layouts with information useful for your needs. Save custom layouts for re-use. distribute your layouts to colleagues for better collaboration with a few clicks and saved onto the database.


Live dashboards display data from all locations. Displays critical margin and revenue data streaming in real time. Use the web dash boards for the bigger picture and dig deeper

Returns | Custom Tenders | Accounts Receivable

Control product charecterictics from one central system

  • Validated Returns

    Validated returns ensure you are taking back products you sold. Original sales receipts are matched against all locations.

  • Custom Tenders

    Create custom tender types to fit your unique needs Like – House Charge, Room Charge, Insurance payment, Payroll Deduction

  • Accounts Receivable

    QUICKBOOKS ONLINE INTEGRATION - Setup AR customers in Retail and send AR transactions to quick books online. Create statements in QuickBooks online. Sales and payables from receiving's land in QuickBooks online.

Discounts | Commissions | Taxes

Centrally manage all discounts based on security settings, collect commissions data and apply taxes to sales.

  • Discounts

    Apply discounts to eligible items or to an entire sale at the point of sale. Discounts are controlled by security settings. Manager override can be used to further discount the transaction up to a certain limit. All managed centrally in Head Office and trickles down to team members at the stores.

  • Commissions

    Calculate sales commissions based on the selling price. Commissions are tracked by sales receipt and are reported on the Commissions Due report. Spiffs are available as well..

  • Sales Taxes

    Collect taxes at the point of sale based on the tax code assigned to the store, each item, or the individual customer. Individual customers can be designated as tax exempt, allowing you to retain their tax registration numbers. All managed centrally in Head Office