Stock Request

Request Stock Replenishment from Warehouse/HeadOffice

Real-Time Requests - Stores to HeadOffice

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Stock Request

Store locations can create stock requests delivered in real-time to Head Office

Eliminate telephone calls, emails and faxes

  • Store Stock Requests

    Store personnel can search entire company catalog of products not just location inventory. Once you find the products you want to request for your location adding it to a stock request document, the entire order with all line items will be sent to Head Office for fulfilment

  • Request Product QTY

    All Head Office locations can see and act on the requests. Instantly and in real-time view available QTY to process these stock requests. Stock requests can be fulfilled either by transfer orders initiated at the Head Office or purchase orders with drop ship to the location

  • Process or Deny

    Head office can also deny and send notification back to the originating store with the stock request.

Requests are received in trackable documents from each location, entire company catalog is visible to store team members along with availability information

Document originating from location, user requesting stock, date/time, SKU, Description and available quantity is visible while creating a stock request. Document notes are also visible for team members to review.

These requests are edited (qty of Sku’s) and either fulfilled with a transfer order or a drop ship purchase order for the requesting location.