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Opening your first store or replacing an existing system, we have the perfect affordable system for omnichannel retailing.

Flexible options for Aspiring Retailers

Our Hosted services is best if you have an existing pos system and are looking for a replacement retail management system. Whether its no longer performing as it should or simply looking for more advanced features to better operate your retailing needs. Plans start from $80 per month.

Single Store on-premise software purchase would be the best option for you eliminating monthly fees. Alternatively you can purchase the software and have it hosted on our cloud servers, two very flexible options. Optionally You can start with a hosted service and begin the process of outright purchase and host it on the cloud servers.

Our Multi-Store Cloud hosted will give you the option to purchase the software licenses and host it on our preferred cloud servers eliminating the upkeep of on-premise multi-store server software infrastructure.

Our Rental Option will provide you with everything you will need to get started for a low monthly fee and eliminates the risk of upfront capital layout. 


*priced per lane, training not included
$80* / Month
  • POS Sales
  • Unlimited Users
  • Software Updates
  • Purchasing & Receiving
  • Standard Reporting
  • EMV Processing
  • Email Support


Ecommerce Inventory control for your web store
$80 / month
  • 1 Location - 2 Licenses
  • Purchasing/Receiving
  • Customers & History
  • Extensive Reporting
  • 1 Sales Channel
  • Inventory & Pricing Updates

Purchase software licenses - NO MONTHLY FEES

Purchase Software Licenses

Single store on-premise - can be installed on a central computer

Multi-store store on-premise purchases best installed on a cloud server

Installed on each computer running POS and Head Office.

Windows 10/11 , 8Gb min Memory, I3 processor, 30mb HD Space. Stable Internet connection



Move from on-premise servers to a cloud server - All the benefits of cloud infrastructure at fraction of the cost of expensive inhouse servers and maintenance.

single Stores

on-premise or hosted

Multi Stores

Best hosted on cloud servers


From $189/Month - Custom sized

Cloud Server setup fee applies*


  • Dedicated Server

    Hosted in a class A facility where major Telecom operators like AT&t, T-Mobile, Banks and many other Fortune 500 companies host for continuous operations

  • 99.99% uptime

    Guaranteed connectivity to the internet along with infrastructure facility uptime

  • Updates & Security

    Security patches and server software maintenance applied as made available, Hardware Firewall, Daly offsite backup's to Amazon S3

  • Lower your cost of ownership

    With your data in the cloud save valuable operating costs and time in managing your day to day operations.




Everything you will need all in one inclusive bundle - Hardware, software, support and service.

Eliminate Risk with an affordable rental option

$249.00 per Month

Frequently asked questions

How does purchasing licenses work?

A software license is required (POS or Head Office) to be installed on each computer. Deployment could be on central computer in your building running windows 10/11 or deployed on our cloud servers. POS/Head Office minimum requirements, i3 Processor, 8GB memory, 50mb HD space and stable internet connection.

Why Cloud Server?

Our cloud server partners have Class A facilities both on East and West Coasts of continental United States.  These facilities have eyeballs on the infrastructure 24x7x365 days so you don't have to worry about uptime (99.99%).

What type of operating systems does your software support?

Engineered around the Microsoft Stack (Microsoft SQL Server and Windows 10/11) will work on any computer running Windows 10/11, tablets running windows 10/11. We will be releasing a line busting Xamarin POS app that operates on iOS and Android to be released 1st quarter 2023.

How do I sign up?

you can contact us using our contact form or call us 888-365-0026 option 1 and a representative will get you started.

How long are the service contracts?

Month-to-month, annual plans are available at a discount. Contact us for more details.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we offer discounts on annual contracts or longer. For details and custom quotes, contact our sales department for more information.

When do I get billed?

Payment is due in advance at the start of the billing cycle. Billing cycle starts on the date of the sign-up, and a bill is issued monthly from that day forward, or annually per contract.

How do I make a payment?

Payments are setup on recurring basis on a credit/debit or ACH checking account draft. Statements appear as "Realtime POS" on credit card billing statements.

How do I cancel the service?

For cancellations, please email and a representative will be in touch. We need a written request for cancellation 30 days prior to cancellation and end of the billing cycle.