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Using our sophisticated promotions engine you can design multiple campaigns targeting specific locations or all stores globally

Promotions Management

Single store and chain store promotions management

  • Price Levels

    By default you can assign five price levels to an item’s stocking unit. Price levels calculated by % based on retail price. For example, you can charge different prices for golf balls sold individually based on price levels assigned to customers. The Pricing option allows for store-specific pricing, which lets you assign different prices to each of your stores. For example, you could charge higher prices at your West Coast locations than you do at your East Coast stores.

  • SKU-Specific Prices

    The Advanced Pricing option also supports SKU-specific pricing, allowing you to apply surcharges or discounts based on color or size. For example, you could charge $5 more for XXL shirts or 15% less for plaid golf wear.

  • BOGO/Quantity Pricing

    BOGO is fully supported (buy one, get one free or buy one, get one for 50% off) and quantity at a price (2 for $1.00, 3 for $5.00) pricing, allowing you to offer your customers a broad range of common pricing scenarios. Apply BOGO/quantity at a price to individual items or to entire item departments, categories or sub-categories. Specify whether customers must purchase an entire group of items or whether any quantity will qualify. You can even combine BOGO/quantity with mix-and-match groups to allow customers to mix and match BOGO/quantity items….

  • Sale Events

    Set sale event pricing to start on a date and roll back to retail on expiration of sale date. Sales can be based on SKU, style, department, category, subcategory, vendor or any other criteria you choose. Extremely flexible and easy to use.

  • Price/Cost Manager

    Prices & Costs can be changed permanently. Change item prices by location, department, category, subcategory, vendor, last received date, last sold date, unit, or any other criteria. Edit the price/cost work sheet directly or calculate price/cost changes automatically. Prices & costs can be increased or decreased by an amount or percentage, based on a specific profit margin, or set to a fixed value. Apply price changes immediately.

  • Mix-and-Match Pricing

    Mix-and-match pricing lets you group items together by item number, category, sub-category, or vendor and grant discounts based on quantity sold, retail value. Use mix-and-match pricing to encourage customers to purchase more items to qualify for a discount. As soon as a customer buys enough qualifying items mix-and-match pricing is applied , even if the items are entered on separate lines.

  • Package Promotions

    Promotion Packages let you associate any number of items you select in building out the package promotion price. Select the items to be included, specify the quantity – and SKU, if applicable. Promotion packages are assigned a single price to the package promotion. Once you scan all the items at time of sale you can initiate package promotion and the system scans all items in the sales grid to apply the package promotions pricing.

  • Coupons

    Create coupons with qualifying items (SKU or a product style). Assign a id/barcode so you can scan it at the point of sale. Coupon values can either be calculated based of a percentage or dollars off. specify the maximum qty allowed per transaction. Set a start and end date on the coupon as valid through dates. Describe the qualifying characteristics of the coupon to be printed on to the sales receipt.