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Manage & Track your most important Asset - Your Inventory with an all-in-one Retail POS System

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Revolutionizing Retail: Empowering Businesses with Modern POS Systems

Retail Point of Sale (POS) systems are critical tools for retailers who need to boost their operational efficiency.

By simplifying sales recording and receipt generation, Retail POS systems aid in saving time while also reducing human errors.

Additionally, the option to track inventory in real-time allows retailers to replenish their goods to prevent running low on stock and provide excellent customer service.

The robust analytical tools help retailers measure sales performance and recognize buying behavior patterns. This helps retailers optimize marketing, build brand loyalty, and make data-driven decisions.

Keeping customer data consistent means retailers can enhance their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system by monitoring client purchase history, providing personalized recommendations, and tailoring the shopping experience.

Finally, Retail POS systems provide a safer way of processing payments, reducing the chances of fraud or data breaches while maintaining integrity in business processes. With all the above benefits, a retail POS system is an investment that retailers who want to improve their businesses significantly should consider.

How can a Retail POS (Point of Sale) System Help?

Inventory Management

A retail POS system can allow you to track inventory by style, size, and color, making it easier to see which styles are selling the most and which ones may need to be reordered.

Sales Data

A retail POS system can provide detailed sales data, including information on which styles are selling the most and which customers are making the most purchases. This can help you make informed decisions about which styles to carry and how to market them.

Marketing & Promotions

A retail POS system can allow you to create and track promotional discounts and coupons based on specific styles or categories of clothing. This can help drive sales and increase customer interest in certain styles.

Customer Tracking

A retail POS system can help you keep track of customer preferences and purchase history by style, allowing you to make personalized recommendations and offer loyalty rewards based on their favorite styles.

Payment Options

A retail POS system can accept a variety of payment methods, including credit and debit cards, gift cards, and mobile payments. This can make it easier for customers to make purchases and increase sales.

Enhanced Security

Retail POS systems can help reduce the risk of fraud and theft by providing secure payment processing and tracking employee activity.

Improved Customer Service

A retail POS system can provide quick access to customer information, making it easier to process returns, exchanges, and special orders.

Enhanced Reporting

A retail POS system can provide detailed sales reports and analytics, allowing you to see which styles and sizes are selling the most, track employee performance, and identify trends and patterns in customer behavior.


A retail POS system can integrate with other business systems and tools, such as accounting software, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and e-commerce platforms, allowing you to manage all aspects of your business in one place.

Retail Point of Sale Inventory Management

Manage and track your most important asset - YOUR INVENTORY

  • Faster Checkouts

    Accelerate the checkout process with a point of sale that adapts to your needs.

  • Customer Lookup

    Lookup customer History quickly - purchases, returns and birthdays

  • SPEED Buttons

    Use the Touch Screen Layout with Short-cuts to rapidly check out your customers. Create speed menu's for faster checkouts

  • Lookup Inventory

    Lookup Inventory, stock on hand at other locations, Process stock transfers

  • Payments

    Take Credit Card/EMV payments, Activate Gift Cards and email receipts

  • Returns

    Process returns, exchanges and validated returns quickly

Benefits of using Real-Time POS

Extensive features & benefits so you can take care of your business not IT issues

  • All-in-One Retail POS

    All-in-One Easy to use POS & Retail management system - POS, Sales orders, Work Orders, Purchase orders, stock transfers, receiving, stock counts, customer history, Ecommerce Integrations.

  • Real-time Benefits

    Multi Stores? Control everything in real-time, Maximize sales performance, Real-time visibility into operations, realize a higher ROI while lowering operating expenses

  • Real-Time Data

    No Polling, No Data replication, NO FTP files to transfer, NO SQL Replication, ZERO Data maintenance, No Local databases are used

  • Fast Payment Processing

    Rapid 2-sec Automatic charge authorizations, Faster Checkout Times, Out of PCI compliance Scope, EMV NFC Pin Pad Devices


  • POS Sales

    Quick POS Sales

  • Unlimited Users

    Manage all your staff from one place

  • Windows

    works with windows 10/11 computers, laptops and tablets

  • Updates Included

    Updates applied as they become available

  • Standared reporting

    Easily print/view reports, create or customize reports

  • Payments

    Take Credit Card/EMV payments, Activate Gift Cards and email receipts

  • Returns

    Process returns, exchanges and validated returns quickly

  • Marketing

    Easily send out marketing campaigns using customer profiles in the POS

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We will convert your data

Inventory, Customers and vendors

Ecommerce Integration

Real-Time Integration with shopping carts

Keep your current Hardware

Windows 10/11 computers, Tablets, printers and barcode scanners

Team Support

Coverage when you need it - From initial data conversion to when you open your storesfor business

Data Tracking

Extensive audit capabilities from item creation all the way through item deactivation.

POS Hardware

From connecting your locations to working with your current computer & pos hardware


Why settle with a cash register app when you need a complete retail management solution?

Easy to use

Train your staff in less than 30 minutes

Retail Management

made simple with accurate reporting and data analytics

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